Customer Area
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Customer Area

Welcome, you are about to access our Online Office, a restricted area of our website. In this area, the Cugnasco Firm posts information meant for you as well as your private documentation for as long as necessary. Access is only possible by Customers with credentials. If you still have to receive your user ID and password, please contact us by phone or click HERE

After receiving you user ID, you will be able to access the following areas:

Document base

A service area of our Firm to be accessed by a secure internet connection at any time and from anywhere. Here you will read or download the private documents we will make available to you (e.g. ā€œF24sā€ or other types of tax return forms, fee details, pay slips, etc.).

Staff Attendance

This area is used by our Customers to report the hours of attendance of their staff by using a simple input interface. Customers will then be able to receive monthly or annual statistics on attendances, absences, overtime, holidays and leaves. This service can be accessed by opening the webpage or by a special connector. Click here to download the connector software.

Profis AZ

Both the Firm and our Customers can access a single business management system ā€“ called Profis AZ ā€“ via the web. This ensures there is no duplication of tasks or filed documents, with the opportunity for Customers to issue invoices, record purchases, manage collections, payments and inventory. The Firm will then rely on the same data to process Customer accounts for any statutory or tax purposes, e.g. to fulfil formalities with tax authorities, file tax returns, draft annual financial reports, fulfil management control functions, etc.