Legal Disclaimer
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Legal Disclaimer

The contents of this website are meant for information purposes only and may not be considered exhaustive, assimilated to professional opinions and/or consultancy services, or intended for commercial purposes or for the benefit of customer relations or transactions.

Any reference made to legal provisions and/or case law, or to any press articles, circular letters and time plans linked to and/or published on this website or on the Firm Newsletter are not meant to be official. As a result, the Cugnasco Firm shall not be liable for any inaccuracies or any actions or omissions based on the use of such information.

The Cugnasco Firm shall not be liable for and does not approve of the contents of third-party websites accessed through this website.

The contents of this website are protected by copyright in accordance with the applicable international copyright agreements.

The Cugnasco Firm operates as a professional practice of associated professionals pursuant to the laws of Italy.